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Two high-profile groups in the USA have [flied / filed] a lawsuit to challenge the near-total abortion ban [on / in] the state of Alabama. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the non-profit organization Planned Parenthood want the law [overturned / overturning] . The ACLU tweeted: "We've been clear. If you attack [your / our] constitutional right to reproductive freedom, we will [sue / sew] ." The bill is called the "Human Life Protection Act". It bans all abortions in the state, [accept / except] when it "is necessary in [sequence / order] to prevent a serious health risk" [at / to] the mother. The bill criminalizes the procedure and reclassifies abortion [was / as] a Class A crime. Doctors who perform an abortion could be imprisoned [for / from] up to 99 years.

Passions are [ruining / running] high in Alabama over the abortion bill. One of the biggest points of [contention / contraption] with the bill is that it contains no exceptions [from / for] incest and rape. President Donald Trump said he did not [support / suppose] the ban because of the lack of exceptions. The Alabama House of Representatives and the state Senate [overwhelming / overwhelmingly] rejected attempts to include those exceptions [in / on] the law. Alabama's governor said even after incest and rape, life is of the [most / utmost] importance. She said: "This legislation stands [was / as] a powerful testament...that every life is precious and that every life is a [sacred / scared] gift from God." The two groups pushing for the law to be reversed said it was a "manmade public health [emergent / emergency] ".

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