Gap Fill - Snakebite - Level 0


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   anti      any      biggest      bodies      crisis      cure      dangerous      different      human      never      next      people      professor      Scientists      stress      technology      terrible      their      types      venom  
hope to find a snakebite . They are using used to find HIV anti-. They want to use anti-bodies in cure. Snakebite is treated using -venom. This is made from the snake's venom. A said they are making the ' generation' of snakebite cures. These will cure snakebite.

Snakebites kill 140,000 a year. About 400,000 people get injuries and . About 250 of snake have a venom. Every is very . This makes finding a cure difficult. Someone said snakebite was, "the public health you have... heard of".

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