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People in the UK are at a TV . Viewers accused the Channel 5 series Age Gap Love of "normalising ". The show followed the of couples with a big age . One show followed the relationship of a couple who dated when the man was 44 and his partner was 16. The man was a friend of the 16-year-old's . He became with the daughter when she was a child. After this was aired, the channel received a flood of complaints from . They slammed the show for "making this seem normal".

The couple in the show are married with two children. The man, 47, said he was about what people would think of the big . His wife, now 19, also spoke about their . She said: "The age doesn't really bother me. It never has done. I don't see as an old man...or like that. He's just - like a big teddy bear." She added: "I've always wanted to have a , so I just thought he would be the man." Life has not been easy for the couple. When they started dating, they got a lot of from neighbours and had to move to another city.

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