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The Chinese technology company Huawei will set [down / up] Russia's 5G communications network. A [dealt / deal] was signed between the two countries on Wednesday following a [meeting / met] between Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian president Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Huawei will [develop / development] the very latest next-generation 5G network in Russia [over / under] the next year. Reporters say the [ideal / deal] will see, "the development of 5G technologies and the [driver / pilot] launch of fifth generation networks in 2019 and 2020". This will bring [cutting-border / cutting-edge] technology and high-speed Internet to Russia. Huawei's chairman Guo Ping said he was "very happy" with the [agreed / agreement] "in an area of strategic importance [like / liking] 5G".

The Huawei deal with Russia comes as a [relieve / relief] for the tech company, which has had a [turbulent / turbulence] time in recent months. The USA has [blocked / backed] the company, [citing / sighting] it as a national security risk. This resulted in Google denying [key / lock] services to Huawei phones. Huawei gets half of the chips it uses from US suppliers. Some journalists say the US [banning / binning] of Huawei could be the beginning of the biggest trade war ever. In addition, the UK-based technology company ARM has [cut / cute] ties with Huawei. ARM was a key [supplier / supple] of semi-conductors for Huawei's phones. Australia, Japan and New Zealand have followed [suit / dress] in banning Huawei from participating in government contracts due [by / to] security concerns.

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