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Drones are flying to the of tortoises in the USA's Mojave Desert. Tortoises in the Mojave are under of being wiped out by ravens. The raven is a bigger of the crow. The raven in the Mojave has increased by 700 per cent in the 25 years. This has had a impact on the desert tortoises. A local conservationist said that in some , "where there used to be 10 ravens, there are now 15,000". If is done to help the tortoises, they could be wiped out. Their have fallen by over 90 per cent since 1990.

Technology may rescue the tortoises. Biologists and drone have a strategy to reduce the raven . They are using drones with a called "egg oiling". This involves flying drones up to ravens' nests, removing eggs, coating them with corn oil, and then replacing . The oil blocks oxygen from entering the egg, thus ending the life of the inside. A biologist said: "If ravens figure out that their are rotten, they are to...nest someplace else." A conservationist said egg oiling was justified as " of a comprehensive ".

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