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   airport      archaeological      century      conservation      damage      every      ground      heart      important      industry      it      nearby      new      passengers      person      there      time      traffic      unhappy      villages  
Machu Picchu is getting an international . Work has started preparing the for the airport. Over 7 million a year could use . A million tourists visit Machu Picchu year. The airport will make it easier for more tourists to get . It currently takes by bus and train. Direct flights will fly into the of the Machu Picchu area. The government says this will boost the country's tourism .

Machu Picchu was built in the 15th , 2,430 meters up in the Andes Mountains. It became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983. People are about the new airport. They say it will damage Machu Picchu and farming . One said: "The airport...endangers the of one of the most historical and sites in the world." He said the noise and from the airport could cause big .

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