Gap Fill - Alexa - Level 0


  • Choose the correct word from the drop-down menus below.
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   advice      answers      assistant      busy      control      database      doctor      doctors      everyone      great      hacking      health      home      now      patients      questions      really      service      sick      them  
We can ask Amazon's Alexa about our . Alexa is a virtual . It listens to and answers . It can talk to people and tell the latest news. Now it can give health . Amazon worked with the UK's health to use its health . Alexa will give from the advice of .

The UK said it is we can get advice from Alexa at . This will help doctors. The UK wants to have more of their health. Not likes this. Some people say we should not ask Alexa for health advice. We should see a if we are . Other people are worried about and privacy.

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