Gap Fill - Alan Turing - Level 4


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   algorithm      allies      artificial      birth      code      father      figures      foretaste      genius      giant      homosexual      illegal      key      machine      many      messages      science      shadow      suicide      war  
Alan Turing, the of modern computer , will be honored by appearing on a U.K. banknote. Mr Turing was chosen ahead of British historical to be on the new £50 note. Turing helped Britain and its win World War II. He helped to crack the Enigma the Nazis used to send its . He invented a computer to do this. The computer saw in the of modern computing and the start of intelligence.

Alan Turing was a maths . He was born in London in 1912 and graduated from Cambridge University. He created an -based computing . He said: "This is only a of what is to come, and only the of what is going to be." Despite his role in ending WWII, he was ill-treated after the for being . Being gay was in the UK until 1967. Turing died in 1954, aged 41. Police said it was .

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