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   after      by      for      from      in      in      In      of      of      of      of      of      of      of      on      on      over      up  
The United Kingdom Great Britain and Northern Ireland has a new leader. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson became the UK's new Prime Minister yesterday Theresa May announced her resignation June. Mr Johnson, commonly known as Boris, realized a childhood dream becoming leader the UK. It is reported that when he was eight, he told his parents he wanted to be king the world. He now has the lesser role Prime Minister but has a tough task ahead of him. His most pressing undertaking is to deliver Brexit and make sure Britain withdraws the European Union. Mr Johnson has vowed to ensure this will be done October 31st. His political future depends this.

Boris Johnson had to go to Buckingham Palace to meet Queen Elizabeth before taking as the UK's 77th Prime Minister. Tradition dictates that the Queen formally asks any new appointee to form a new government. Johnson accepted and drove to 10 Downing Street - the official residence the British leader. His first job is to form his Cabinet - the people who will take key decision-making roles the new UK government. Johnson said: "Though I am today building a great team men and women, I will take personal responsibility the change I want to see." his first speech to the nation as Prime Minister, he promised to spend more money the police, education and social welfare.

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