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The words
Hundreds of huge wildfires have broken [up / out] all across the Arctic Circle. Areas in the Arctic are warming twice as [fast / faster] as anywhere else on the planet. There are so [many / much] fires and they are so big that the smoke from them can be [seeing / seen] from space. Meteorologists report that the Arctic is having its hottest June ever and is [suffered / suffering] its worst wildfire season on record. There are huge [emblazons / blazes] covering large areas of Greenland, Siberia, Scandinavia and Alaska. In Alaska, there are as many as 400 fires burning out of [control / controlling] . In Greenland, melting on the [vast / waste] Greenland ice sheet has started a month earlier than [usual / that] . The World Meteorological Organization has said the Arctic fires are ["unprecedented" / "unprotected"] .

Scientists say the fires and [scaffolding / suffocating] smoke could have an effect [on / in] global warming. Meteorologist Mark Parrington explained what is [caused / causing] the wildfires. He said: "Temperatures in the Arctic have been increasing at a much [fast / faster] rate than the global average, and warmer conditions encourage fires to grow and persist [twice / once] they have been ignited." Dry ground, more lightning [strokes / strikes] and strong winds have caused the fires to spread very quickly. A lot of [ice / icy] has melted and the flames have [wet / set] fire to methane-filled earth below the ice. This is releasing huge amounts of carbon dioxide into [the / an] atmosphere. The fires have also caused serious habitat [loses / loss] and have killed uncountable numbers of animals.

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