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Ethiopia has broken the [wide / world] record for the largest number of trees planted in one day, while [simultaneous / simultaneously] making the world a little [greener / greenish] . Ethiopians planted more than 350 million trees in just 12 hours [earlier / earliest] this week. This [smashed / splashed] the previous record, held by India, by 50 million trees. Ethiopia's minister of innovation and technology announced his country's record-breaking [feet / feat] on Twitter. He proudly revealed that people had [planned / planted] 353,633,660 trees in a [bid / bide] to help the environment. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who participated in the tree planting festivities, [congratulations / congratulated] everyone involved in the record for their efforts and for doing their [bite / bit] for the planet.

Ethiopia's record-breaking achievement is part of a wider [strategies / strategy] of planting 4 billion trees between May and October. The country is [good / well] on its way to [achieving / achievement] this goal. So far, volunteers, businesses and government workers have planted more than 2.6 billion trees nationwide. Ethiopia is attempting to [reserve / reverse] the cutting down of many of its [forest / forests] . The Farm Africa organization reports that less [that / than] 4 per cent of Ethiopia's land is forested. This is a sharp [incline / decline] from the 30 per cent of land on which trees grew at the end of the 19th century. A [recently / recent] study reported that planting billions of trees was the cheapest and most [effective / effectively] way to absorb carbon dioxide and thus help to [tackle / trickle] global warming.

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