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  • Put the words below in the correct order to make the questions.
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1. you What you when think read did the headline?

2. are What your mind you when images hear in word the 'united'?

3. you What about know do the United Kingdom?

4. countries the of the United Should stay Kingdom together?

5. the leave the UK Should European Union?

6. EU? leaving the the Why is UK

7. of leaving EU? benefits the the are UK the What

8. serious economic happens a disaster? What in

9. nationalism? think of What do you

10. you of How your are proud country?

11. Did you like reading this article?

12. What think you when of 'kingdom'? you the do word hear

13. you What do what think you read? about

14. when a no has UK king? Why is the kingdom it

15. people Why want independence? Scotland do in

16. independence? country's What your of history is the

17. Ireland reunited? Northern and Should be Ireland

18. are about best the the UK? What things

19. can country from UK? your What the learn

20. you to Brown? What ask questions Gordon like would

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United Kingdom - The 20 Questions

STUDENT A's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student B)
  1. What did you think when you read the headline?
  2. What images are in your mind when you hear the word 'united'?
  3. What do you know about the United Kingdom?
  4. Should the countries of the United Kingdom stay together?
  5. Should the UK leave the European Union?
  6. Why is the UK leaving the EU?
  7. What are the benefits of the UK leaving the EU?
  8. What happens in a serious economic disaster?
  9. What do you think of nationalism?
  10. How proud are you of your country?

STUDENT B's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student A)
  1. Did you like reading this article? Why/not?
  2. What do you think of when you hear the word 'kingdom'?
  3. What do you think about what you read?
  4. Why is the UK a kingdom when it has no king?
  5. Why do people in Scotland want independence?
  6. What is the history of your country's independence?
  7. Should Ireland and Northern Ireland be reunited?
  8. What are the best things about the UK?
  9. What can your country learn from the UK?
  10. What questions would you like to ask Gordon Brown?

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