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Full stop seen as rude in text messages






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A language expert says ending sentences with a full stop can look rude. In American English, a full stop is called a period. The expert said younger people who use messaging apps prefer to send a completely new message instead of ending a sentence with a full stop. She said: "If you're a young person and you're sending a message to someone, the default way to break up your thoughts is to send each thought as a new message."

The full stop is 2,300 years old. It is necessary in writing. Teachers use red ink if a student forgets the full stop. Technology is changing how we write. Most people now use abbreviations, emojis or emoticons :-) People use 'LOL' instead of 'laugh out loud,' or the abbreviation 'fyi' rather than 'for your information'. Not using the full stop in text messages saves time. The expert said a full stop can also make the writer look a little angry.

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