Speed Reading — Having Children - Level 4 — 300 wpm 

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Having children may be the key to happiness and a perfect family life. This image is true for some, but researchers say that children make parents happiest when they fly the nest - after they leave home. Researchers looked at data on the emotional wellbeing of 55,000 over 50-year-olds in Europe. They found that most parents were happier with life after their children left home. This could be because raising children is expensive and stressful.

A researcher said a reason for parents being happiest when their children leave home is the tables are turned - children support their parents. The researcher said parents suffer from less depression and are more positive about life. He said: "Children's roles as caregivers, providers of financial support or simply as a means of social contact might outweigh the negative aspects of parenthood." Healthy family relationships stop parents feeling lonely.

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