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[Amid / Armed] escalating tensions between South Korea and Japan, the South Korean government has called [in / on] Japan to ban any displaying of the Rising Sun flag at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. This follows a [stated / statement] by Japan's Olympics organising committee that it sees [not / no] problem [wither / with] the flag. The committee said: "The rising sun flag is [widen / widely] used in Japan and it is not [considerable / considered] to be a political statement, so it is not viewed as a prohibited [item / totem] ." A South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said: "The Japanese know full well that their neighbours [disregard / regard] the Rising Sun flag as a symbol of Japan's militaristic and imperial past. Japan needs to be [more / less] humble about owning up to its historical legacy."

Relations between the two east-Asian nations have [taken / given] a downturn in the past few months. They are [currently / currency] embroiled in a bitter trade war that has seen people in Korea [burring / burning] Japanese products. Many South Koreans are [shunning / stunning] Japan as a tourist destination, leading to Japanese [carries / carriers] slashing the number of flights to South Korea. Last month, Japan [removal / removed] South Korea from its "white list" of [trusted / tryst] trade partners. This led to [relays / delays] in the exports of items like car parts and household electronics to South Korea. [In / On] retaliation, Koreans have been boycotting Japanese beer, clothing brands and other products. The spat poses a threat to the global supply [rope / chain] of semi-conductors.

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