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The words
Is there an age at which it is too [age / old] to have a baby? A 73-year-old woman in India has given birth to twins. The woman said that [become / becoming] a mother for the first time was "the happiest time" of her [live / life] . The mother needed a caesarean section operation to [delivery / deliver] the twins. The mother and her two twin girls are all in [well / good] health and the mother is recovering well after the [surgery / sugary] . The woman thought she would never be [able / ability] to have children. She and her husband first tried to have a child fifty years ago. All their [attempt / attempts] were unsuccessful. The woman thought she would be [childless / childlike] forever after her menopause started 25 years ago. She said not having children caused her [pain / sore] as people called her "the childless lady".

The woman was able to give [born / birth] because of the method of IVF. A healthy egg was [took / taken] from a younger woman and was fertilized with her husband's [sperm / spam] . The woman then carried the fertilized egg and she became [pregnancy / pregnant] . She said that when she found out she was having twins, she could not describe [she / her] happiness. She said: "This is the happiest time of my life." The new mother's doctors are also happy with their [patience / patient] . One doctor said: "During the IVF treatment, we had [there / three] groups of doctors. One took [care / careful] of her general health, one took care of her nutritional [statues / status] and one took care of her pregnancy." The doctor said she was always in very good [feet / hands] .

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