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The words
There is a new destination on the [world / worldly] tourism map - Saudi Arabia. The desert kingdom has decided to open its [windows / doors] to tourists from around the world. It has decided to [tissue / issue] tourist visas to people from 49 different countries. The visas can [been / be] applied for online and will [take / taking] just seven minutes to issue. Saudi Arabia's government believes its country has [huge / hug] potential to develop into a prime tourism destination. It was a [wealth / wealthy] of natural attractions, deserts, World Heritage sites, beautiful beaches and [unique / uniquely] cultures. The government also wants to make sure it can [learn / earn] money from other industries besides oil and gas. It hopes tourism will contribute 10 per cent of the country's GDP [by / at] 2030.

Tourists will be [allow / allowed] to stay in Saudi Arabia for a maximum of 90 days in one year. They can enter [the / a] Kingdom multiple times in that year. However, non-Muslims will [not / no] be allowed to visit the holy sites of Mecca and Medina. Ahmad al-Khateeb, chairman of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National [Hermitage / Heritage] , explained the importance of tourism [on / to] Saudi. He said: "Opening Saudi Arabia to international tourists [is / be] a historic moment for [our / your] country." He added that Saudi has a lot to [offer / offering] : "Businesses from around the world will establish operations within the Kingdom [at / as] its unique attractions, culture and natural beauty become more [widely / width] appreciated."

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