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One of the world's [leaving / leading] travel websites, TripAdvisor, has decided to stop selling tickets to attractions and aquariums that have marine [creatives / creatures] like dolphins, orcas, porpoises and whales. One [atop / top] attraction that TripAdvisor will not [sell / sale] tickets for is SeaWorld in Florida. A TripAdvisor spokesperson said the ban is a [continuation / continue] of the company's 2016 policy that [prorated / prohibited] sales of tickets to attractions where tourists come into [physical / physically] contact with animals, like elephant rides. TripAdvisor [halted / exalted] ticket sales to "demeaning animal shows and performances" in 2018. The latest ban [appliances / applies] to any attractions that "contribute to the captivity" [of / off] dolphins, orcas, porpoises and whales.

A TripAdvisor spokesman [elaborated / exonerated] on his company's new [initiation / initiative] . He said: "Whales and dolphins do not [thrive / trip] in limited captive environments, and we hope to [look / see] a future where they live as they should - free and in the [wildly / wild] ." He added: "We believe the current generation of whales and dolphins in [captive / captivity] should be the last, and we look forward to seeing this position adopted more [widely / width] throughout the travel industry." A SeaWorld spokesman said: "We are disappointed by TripAdvisor's new [posting / position] that ignores the educational value and conservation [missive / mission] of professionally accredited zoos and aquariums....SeaWorld maintains the highest standards of care for [all / every] animals."

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