Gap Fill - Robotic Suit - Level 1


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   body      brain      ceiling      exoskeleton      future      happy      hips      machine      point      sensors      shoulders      so      system      technology      test      thoughts      tomorrow      trial      wearable      when  
A 28-year-old man, paralyzed below the , walked using a robot suit. He could not move his arms, and legs. Doctors put a robot on him. It covered his arms, legs and . It was attached to the so the man would not fall over. He controlled it by using that were put near his . The man's were able to move the . The machine moved his arms and legs he could walk.

Doctors say this will help disabled people in the . Brain signals will control technology. A doctor leading the exoskeleton said it was the first brain-controlled to be designed that could move arms and legs. The man was very with the . He said: "I can't go home in my exoskeleton, but I've got to a where I can walk. I walk when I want and I stop I want."

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