Speed Reading — Robotic Suit - Level 3 — 300 wpm 

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This is the text (if you need help).

A man who is paralyzed from below his shoulders has been able to walk using a robotic suit. The 28-year-old man could not move his arms, hips and legs after an accident. Doctors fitted him with a special robotic exoskeleton - this is a machine that covered his arms, legs and body. The machine was attached to the ceiling so the man could keep his balance and not fall over. He controlled the machine using high-tech sensors that were implanted near his brain. The man used his thoughts to tell the sensors to move the machine. His brain sent messages to the machine and it moved his arms and legs. He was able to walk a few steps using the machine even though he was paralyzed.

Doctors say they are in the early stages of developing this technology. They believe robotic exoskeletons will help disabled people to live better lives in the future. Technology will be able to pick up signals from the brain to control wearable robotic technology. The next stage is to remove the ceiling harness. A neurosurgeon who co-led the exoskeleton trial commented on the exoskeleton suit. He said it was the first wireless, brain-controlled system to be designed that can move all four limbs. The man was very happy with the test. He said: "I can't go home tomorrow in my exoskeleton, but I've got to a point where I can walk. I walk when I want and I stop when I want."

Comprehension questions
  1. Below which part of the man's body is he paralyzed?
  2. How old is the man?
  3. What was the exoskeleton harness attached to?
  4. What was implanted near the man's brain?
  5. How far did the article say the man walked in the exoskeleton?
  6. How far in the exoskeleton development process are the doctors?
  7. What did the article say brain signals will be able to control?
  8. How did the man feel about the exoskeleton test?
  9. What can the man not take home?
  10. When did the man say he stopped walking?

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