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The words
Scientists have [discovered / discovery] the world's fastest ant. It is the Saharan silver ant. It [running / runs] at a speed of just over 3kph, but that is the same ant speed as a human [running / runs] 580kph. The ant runs 108 times the [length / long] of its own body every second. This is [quickly / quicker] than an Olympic 100-meter runner. The world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, ran the 100 meters using 4 [strides / stripes] a second. The Saharan silver ant uses [down / up] to 50 strides a second. The scientists say this much [movement / moves] almost breaks the limits of what is physically possible for a living thing. Each of the ants' feet makes [contract / contact] with the ground for a very short time. The ants' feet [touch / touches] the ground for just seven milliseconds before they take the next stride.

The scientists said the Saharan silver ant runs so [fasten / fast] because it lives in the hot [desert / dessert] . The sand can reach [temperature / temperatures] of up to 60 degrees Celsius, so the ant wants to spend as [little / small] time as possible with its feet on the scorching ground. Another reason is that if the ants' feet [spending / spend] a longer time on the sand, they will [sank / sink] a little and slow the ant down. Professor Harald Wolf wrote about why the ants' feet move [such / so] fast. He said: "These features may [be / have] related to the sand dune habitat. They could prevent the ants' feet from sinking too deeply [onto / into] the soft sand." Professor Wolf told CNN: "We knew these ants would be fast, but nobody knew how fast exactly, and how they would [achieve / chief] that speed."

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