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The words
Scientists in Russia got a [shocking / shock] when their phone bill arrived. The bill was a lot bigger than they [expectation / expected] it to be. The reason was because the steppe eagle they were following [on / in] their research flew too far from Russia. The scientists were [tacking / tracking] the eagle as it [migrated / mitigated] across the European and Asian continents. The bird had SMS transmitters [flitted / fitted] to its body. This [meant / meaning] that when it flew outside Russia, the transmitters used the Internet services of [another / other] countries. The scientists thus had to [pay / paid] data roaming charges. These are the charges you pay to use your mobile phone in other countries. The research team [ran / walked] out of money after the eagle flew to Iran and Pakistan.

The team started a page on a crowdfunding site to help [rise / raise] money to pay the bill. The page was [naming / called] "Top up the eagle's mobile". Bird lovers from around the world [giving / contributed] money to the page. The scientists [raised / arisen] $1,600 to pay the bill. Russia's mobile phone [operator / caller] Megafon then heard of the scientists' problems and offered to cancel the [debt / credit] . It also moved the team's phone [parcel / package] to one at a cheaper rate. The problem for the team started when the eagle flew [into / outside] of Russia and Kazakhstan. An SMS in Kazakhstan cost 30 US cents, but one from Iran cost 50 cents. A scientist said he [warned / wanted] the eagle to continue sending SMS data to help his project, which will help protect [whole / all] steppe eagles.

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