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Many top chefs in New York City are up in [legs / arms] over a proposed ban on foie gras - the specialty food that is a [commonly / common] aspect of haute cuisine. Foie gras is made [from / by] the livers of ducks and geese. The birds are force-fed with corn to [enlarge / enrage] their liver up to ten times their normal size. Animal rights groups say this [causes / clauses] the birds unnecessary suffering. The New York City council unanimously [vetoed / voted] to ban sales of the [controversy / controversial] food. The bill will: "Prohibit retail food establishments or food service establishments from [storing / storage] , maintaining, selling, or offering to sell force-fed products or food [containing / retaining] a force-fed product." A council spokesperson said: "The council is banning a really [cruelty / cruel] and inhumane practice."

Farmers are considering [ensuing / suing] New York City. One farmer told reporters: "We will not let this restriction [in / on] New Yorkers' freedom of choice [go / do] unchallenged in the courts, and we [infer / intend] to file a lawsuit." Ariane Daguin, from a food manufacturer, said many chefs were [likelihood / likely] to order more foie gras because they are so [anger / angry] . She said: "There are 1,000 restaurants in New York City who have foie gras on their menu right [moment / now] . They are all very incensed." Ms Daguin added: "Not one council member has made any [effort / effect] to learn about the foie gras process and all have [refused / refusal] to visit the farms to understand the process first-hand." Foie gras is [heavy / big] business. One liver can retail for as much as $125.

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