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The rock band Coldplay has announced it will not be [going / doing] on tour to promote its [latest / least] album because of the environmental damage touring might cause. It is [epitome / standard] business practice in the music industry for well-known artists to go on a world tour to [accompany / accost] a new album release. Concert tours are often huge [money-bags / money-spinners] and can generate more profits than actual music sales. Coldplay has [decision / decided] any concert tour would have a [detrimental / deter] impact on the environment. Lead singer Chris Martin told the BBC news agency that: "We're taking [timely / time] to see how our tour can be actively [beneficial / benefit] ." He added that the band wanted any future tours to "have a positive impact" on [an / the] environment.

Coldplay band members said they are taking some time [on / off] to look at options on how they can tour in a [much / more] sustainable and environmentally friendly [methodology / way] . Mr Martin said: "We're taking time to see how our tour can be actively beneficial....Our next tour will be the best possible [version / aversion] of our last tour environmentally. We would be disappointed if it's not carbon [neural / neutral] ." He asked: "How do we turn touring around so it's not so much taking as [given / giving] ?" The band's new double album, "Everyday Life," was [released / set free] on November 22. It [reflects / deflects] their feelings about the environment. Coldplay will do a [one-two / one-off] performance for their fans in London. All of the [proceeds / welfare] from this concert will be donated to an environmental charity.

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