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The words
A world champion has [retired / retried] because he has decided humans cannot beat computers [of / at] his game. The grand champion is Lee Se-Dol from South Korea. He was world champion at the [ancient / elderly] , strategy board game Go. Some people [comparison / compare] Go to chess. Mr Lee is the only person in the world to [ever / every] beat Google's AlphaGo computer algorithm. This is a [special / specially] A.I. computer program created by Google to play Go. Mr Lee, an 18-time world champion, told reporters earlier [this / next] week that: "Even if I become the number one, there is an [entirely / entity] that cannot be [defeated / beat] . With the debut of A.I. in Go games, I've realized that I'm not at the top [eventually / even] if I become the number one."

The game of Go [generated / originated] in China around 3,000 years ago. Today, it is played mostly in China, Japan and South Korea. It is [belief / believed] to be the oldest board game [on / in] the world. In 2016, the International Go Federation said it [did / had] 75 member nations, and that over 46 million people worldwide knew [what / how] to play Go. Mr Lee started playing at the age of five. He [turned / twisted] professional seven years later, when he was 12. He played five games [again / against] Google's AlphaGo and lost four [of / off] them. He said his one victory was because of a "bug" in the program. The bug did not know what to do when Mr Lee made a "[tricky" / "tacky"] move. Today's Go programs are much more [power / powerful] than the one that beat Mr Lee.

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