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The words
A [health / healthy] group has warned people to be careful about how much sugar is [on / in] their drinks when they go to coffee shops. Many cafes in the UK are [adding / addition] extra sugar and syrup to their festive drinks in the [leg-up / run-up] to Christmas. The health group is called Action on Sugar (AOS). It carried out research on how [sweetie / sweet] hot drinks were in coffee chains around the country. It found that some [slats / lattes] and hot chocolates contained as much as 23 spoons of sugar. It analysed over 200 [different / difference] drinks. The researchers said they found "shockingly" high levels of [sugar / sugary] in many of the drinks. An AOS spokesperson said people with obesity, [diabetes / diabetics] and other health conditions needed to check what they were [drunk / drinking] .

Action On Sugar [analysis / analysed] drinks from nine different coffee shop chains. It found the unhealthiest drink was the Starbucks "Venti" caramel hot chocolate. It [contained / contents] 93.7g of sugar and 758 calories. AOS says it has as [much / most] sugar as three cans of Coca-Cola. A spokeswoman for Starbucks said: "We are committed [of / to] reducing sugar in all our beverages and [for / since] 2015 we've delivered a nine per cent [induction / reduction] in the sugar content." Katharine Jenner, a director [by / at] AOS, said: "The hospitality industry has a [key / padlock] role to play in being transparent. It must help to reduce the amount of sugar we [resume / consume] . Sugar is one of the biggest causes of obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth [decal / decay] ."

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