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Firefighters in the Australian [regional / state] of New South Wales are battling what is being called the worst fire [never / ever] seen in the region. Eight different bushfires have [combined / contrived] north of the city of Sydney to form what people have [dabbed / dubbed] a "mega-fire". The gigantic blaze is just an [hour's / hourly] drive from Sydney. Tens of thousands of homes, businesses and other properties are in its [path / road] . The giant inferno is burning across a swath of land covering over 300,000 hectares. The front of the mega-fire is [rough / roughly] 60km wide. Authorities say it is burning out of control and is too [vast / aghast] to contain. Fire Service Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers said: "We cannot stop [these / them] fires. They will just keep burning until conditions [tease / ease] ."

The ease with which over 100 separate fires are [spearheading / spreading] across the state has been exacerbated by a prolonged [draft / drought] . This is concerning [authority / authorities] who say it is very early in the [session / season] for the ground to be so [drought / dry] . A spokesman said: "There's a tough couple of months ahead and we've already seen the horrific consequences of fire so [far / many] this season." People in Sydney are suffering from hazardous and toxic [smoky / smoke] from the fire. The city is shrouded in the choking smoke. Residents have received [advise / advisories] about exercising [out / outside] . Locals say it is the "worst ever" fire and is "unprecedented". An official said: "People's emotions are very, very tested and [frail / trail] at the moment."

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