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The words
A 34-year-old woman is to [becoming / become] the youngest prime minister in the world. The new leader is Sanna Marin. She only [celebrated / celebrates] her 34th birthday last week. She became the [head / heard] of the Finnish Social Democrats Party last week. Members of her party [vetoed / voted] for her in an election [on / at] Sunday. She received 32 of the 61 votes to become chairperson of her party. Ms Marin [be / was] the minister of transport and communications in Finland. She will take [over / under] as Finland's prime minister after her former [boss / bossy] announced that he would be stepping down. The [ox-prime / ex-prime] minister, 57-year-old Antti Rinne, announced last week that he was quitting. Marin will be the youngest prime minister [in / on] Finland's history.

Sanna Marin said she is [verily / very] excited at the [prospect / prospectus] of leading her country. She said: "There's a [lot / many] of work to be done. First, we'll have to [call / shout] a meeting between the ruling parties and review the government program. We have a [join / joint] government program which glues the coalition together." She added that one of her first jobs is to increase the [popular / popularity] of her party with the Finnish people, saying: "We have a lot of work ahead to rebuild [lies / trust] ." Marin will lead a coalition government. All of the [other / another] four leaders in the coalition are also women. Marin is a new [kind / kindly] of leader. She shares photos of her private, [socially / social] and political life on her Instagram page.

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