Gap Fill - Head Transplants - Level 4


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   2030      actually      always      author      consciousness      daunting      fiction      idea      if      injuries      intention      its      muscular      novel      one      other      possible      technology      then      together  
A doctor said head transplants could be by 2030. Organ, face and transplant surgery is now like science . The doctor explained why he believes head transplants could be possible. He was working with an on a science fiction . He said: "Initially, our was just to brainstorm an and it seemed rather silly, but I realised, it isn't. If you transplant the brain and spinal cord , it's not impossible."

The doctor said head transplants would only be possible the head was accompanied by spinal cord. Advances in spinal cord mean this could be possible before . The doctor said: "Keeping the spinal cord in piece has been totally ." He also believes could move with the head from one body to another. The technology could treat spinal cord and diseases like dystrophy.

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