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Astronomers are [concerned / cornered] that our views of the heavens are becoming more and more obscured. Their warning comes [heading / ahead] of a whole [series / serial] of satellite launches by a variety of companies. Thousands of satellites are being launched into [orb / orbit] throughout 2020 to make high-speed Internet more [readily / ready] available across the world from space. The scientists say the skies will be so littered with [disarray / arrays] of satellites they will compete for our attention with the stars. They say the satellites will link [down / up] to form "mega-constellations" that could [interference / interfere] with radio astronomy and the quality of images from [optical / optician] telescopes. The astronomers said the satellites will appear as dazzling white streaks of light that could be [mistake / mistaken] for stars.

Technology [analysis / analysts] say there are plans to launch as [much / many] as 46,000 satellites into space over the next few years. This is five times more than the [number / numeral] of objects sent into space since the launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957, over six decades [ago / hence] . Satellites from companies like SpaceX and Amazon will provide much faster Internet [speedy / speeds] to even the remotest areas [of / off] the world. They will provide global connectivity across the [globule / globe] . Even today, about 14 million people in the USA live in rural areas with [zero / nought] Internet coverage. SpaceX will launch 120 satellites in January and has [plans / plan] to send a further 12,000 into orbit in the next decade. Astrophysicist Dr Dave Clements called the initiative a "[tragedy / tragic]" .

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