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As the clock [struck / stricken] twelve midnight to [herald / herbal] the arrival of the 2020s, people the world over were filled with a mixture of [optimistic / optimism] and pessimism at what the new decade might have in [store / shop] for us. Many hope the New Year will see an [overturn / upturn] in their fortunes and [those / them] of planet Earth. The past decade could be described as having been somewhat tumultuous. Global warming stoked fears of our very existence being in [prevail / peril] ; wars and conflict have continued to [rage / gauge] around the world; millions still lack [basic / basically] things like clean water and education; and thousands of species became endangered or [extinction / extinct] . There is hope that technology and greater cooperation between nations will make the 2020s a better decade.

The technology website cnet.com [predicated / predicted] that many of us will advance further into the [realms / roams] of science fiction. It wrote: "The decade [begins / beginning] in 2020 will take us even further toward a world where [far-out / faraway] ideas like hooking brains up to computers, and even [immortality / immortal] , become topics of serious conversation." Futurologist Vivek Wadhwa wrote about the [prospectus / prospect] of flying cars, bionic exoskeleton suits and unlimited clean energy. He told cnet.com that: "Some technologies will take longer to reach the [mass / masses] than others, but they will be at [arm / hand] . The 2020s will be when the incredible [promissory / promises] of technology finally happen." Let's get together again in 2030 and compare [notes / lines] on how things went.

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