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use call come use train detect help be show agree
work design train produce do be suggest develop spot report
Doctors have a new tool to when diagnosing breast cancer. It is Google Health, and of course from Google. The tool Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognise anything abnormal in breast tissue. Researchers the AI program to detect abnormalities. It read a huge number of results from X-rays over the past few years. X-rays are currently what doctors use to breast cancer. The Google Health program will doctors in reading these X-rays more accurately. The current system that two doctors agree on whether or not an X-ray cancer. If they cannot , they ask a third doctor. Google Health will make this diagnosis quicker.

Researchers from Google Health with experts from Imperial College London to the AI program. They the program by inputting X-rays from more than 76,000 women in the U.K. and more than 15,000 in the USA into its software. The software then an algorithm. In hospital tests, the algorithm better at reading X-rays than six doctors. Google Health spokesperson Dominic King said: "Our team really proud of these research findings, which that we are on our way to a tool that can help doctors breast cancer with greater accuracy." The World Cancer Research Fund said over two million new cases of breast cancer were in 2019.

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