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The words
The Japanese government [promise / promised] to make its border controls stronger. This is because of how [easy / easily] it was for someone on bail to escape the country. Ex-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn [fled / flea] Japan to Lebanon on December the 30th. Courts in Tokyo were waiting to put Mr Ghosn [in / on] trial for fraud. Ghosn escaped from Japan [ever / even] though the police had his [free / three] passports. Japan's justice minister, Masako Mori, said Japan would [stronger / strengthen] its border departure checks. She also said she would review bail conditions. Ms Mori told reporters that she has already [taking / taken] actions to prevent anyone else on bail [leaving / leave] the country. She said: "I have instructed the immigration agency to further [tighten / tight] the departure process."

It is still [clearly / unclear] how Mr Ghosn escaped from Japan. There were security cameras at his home that [operations / operated] for 24 hours a day. News [sources / sauces] say he took a bullet train from Tokyo to get to the airport. He then [hid / hidden] in the case of a double [base / bass] . He chose a regional airport where security was not so [tight / tightly] . He then flew from Osaka to Turkey and then on to Lebanon, [apparent / apparently] without a passport. However, Lebanese officials said he entered Lebanon legally [on / in] Monday with a French passport. He has not been seen since. The international crime agency Interpol has created a "[wanted / unwanted]" notice for Mr Ghosn. Japan cannot ask Lebanon to return Mr Ghosn because there is no [exhibition / extradition] treaty.

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