Word Pairs


  • Type the correct word in the boxes from the pairs of words [in brackets].
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The words
The British royal family is [on / in] shock. Queen Elizabeth's grandson Prince Harry has decided to leave the UK and walk [away / about] from the royal family. Harry and his wife Meghan will [movement / move] to Canada. They both want a new life away [to / from] the paparazzi in the UK. Prince Harry's mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, died because paparazzi photographers [chased / chasing] the car she was in. Harry does not want journalists to [effect / affect] the life of his wife and baby son. Harry told the world about his decision [in / on] social media. He wrote on Instagram: "We intend to [walk / step] back as 'senior' members of the Royal Family." He added that [living / live] in Canada would provide his family, "with the space to focus on the next [chapter / paragraph] ".

The UK media reported that the Queen was not [happiness / happy] with Prince Harry's decision. The Queen, Harry's father Prince Charles and brother Prince William talked to Harry about [his / that] future. Reporters said Charles might [cut / burn] the money he gives to his son. Harry and Meghan have [official / office] titles as members of the royal family - they are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. If they [leave / live] the UK, they may lose those titles. Reporters say they hope to [do / make] money from their [fame / famous] . The opinion of people in the UK is [division / divided] . Some say Harry is a traitor; others support Harry and say the media was racist [for / towards] Meghan. London's waxworks museum Madame Tussauds has removed Meghan and Harry from its royal family [display / reveal] .

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