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The words
Everyone knows the names of big killers like [cancerous / cancer] , heart disease and stroke, but few people are [aware / awareness] of one of the biggest killers - sepsis. Sepsis is a life-threatening condition. Doctors say it is responsible [for / of] one in five deaths worldwide. Sepsis [happen / happens] when our body's response to an infection injures [my / our] own organs. Our body normally releases chemicals into the blood to [flight / fight] an infection. Sepsis occurs when the body releases too many of these chemicals. The chemicals overload our [organ / organs] and damage them. This damage can lead to organ failure and [death / dies] . Doctors have traditionally called this blood poisoning. More than [half / halve] of the sepsis cases reported worldwide occur in children, many of [that / whom] are newborn babies.

A study into sepsis was published [on / in] January the 16th in the medical journal "The Lancet". Researchers [estimation / estimated] that over 50 million people [a / over] year develop sepsis and over 20 per cent die from the illness. This is [more / over] than double the percentage previously estimated. The researchers said sepsis kills [most / more] people than cancer. Professor Mohsen Naghavi, a senior [authored / author] of the research, said: "We are [alarmed / alarms] to find sepsis deaths are much higher than previously [thinking / estimated] , especially as the condition is both preventable and treatable." He said more research is [needed / needy] to stop sepsis killing newborns. Doctors can treat sepsis with antibiotics if the condition is found [early / fast] .

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