Speed Reading — Oxford Comma - Level 2 — 100 wpm

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The U.K. left the European Union on January the 31st. It voted to leave three-and-a-half years ago. The U.K. made a special coin for the occasion. People are arguing about the punctuation on the new 50-pence coin. It has the words: "Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations" on it. A writer is unhappy. He thinks the punctuation is wrong. He said there should be a comma after the word "prosperity". This kind of comma is called an Oxford comma.

The Oxford comma is called the serial comma in the USA. It is used before the final "and" or "or" in a list of three or more items. People say an Oxford comma is unnecessary on the 50-pence coin because the meaning is very clear. A word expert said the Oxford comma helps to understand the writer's meaning. A woman said the comma wasn't important. She tweeted: "It doesn't matter if there is a comma or not. The most important thing is that there is peace."

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