Speed Reading — Locust Invasion - Level 4 — 200 wpm

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Millions of farmers' lives in Africa are at risk from locusts. Swarms of locusts have destroyed large areas of farmland and crops in Somalia, Kenya and Uganda. The locusts are spreading and could go to other countries. The United Nations' Food and Agricultural Organisation say swarms have been seen as far away as Oman in the Gulf. It is the worst locust invasion in 70 years. Some say it is like a scene from the Bible.

The invasion affects over 12 million people. Many of these have little food due to poor harvests and no rain. The locusts will make things worse. Locusts are very hungry pests. One locust can eat its body weight in 24 hours. A small swarm could eat enough to feed 35,000 people for a day. A worried farmer said: "We depend a lot on this season and we worry that the locusts will destroy our harvest. We will end up...hungry through the rest of the year."

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