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The words
Finland is giving new parents more time to [purchase / spend] with their babies. The Finnish government has decided to give mothers and fathers seven months of [patent / parental] leave. This means Finland will almost [double / twice] the amount of its maternity leave and [fraternity / paternity] leave. The new Family Leave Policy will give 164 days to [per / each] parent. This is about seven months. Parents can also transfer [down / up] to 69 of their own [day / days] to their partner. This means it is [possibility / possible] for one parent to take nine months of parental leave. For single parents, Finland is [given / giving] all 328 days to the mother or father. Finland's current parental leave gives four months for maternity leave, and two months [for / of] fathers.

Finland's government said the new rules were [necessarily / necessary] to help young [families / family] . Finland's Minister of Social Affairs and Health explained why the country is introducing [a / the] new rules. She said: "The model [guarantees / warranties] the child a place at the centre of family benefits, and it [demotes / promotes] wellbeing and gender equality." It will also help to increase the country's [reclining / declining] birth rate. The number of babies born [on / in] Finland has dropped for the [past / passed] nine years. Last year, Finland had the lowest number of babies born in the country [since / from] 1868. Finland's neighbour Sweden has the most generous leave policy, offering 240 days per parent. The USA has no [nationally / national] paid leave for mothers or fathers.

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