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Six thousand couples [decided / decision] not to let the coronavirus [refer / deter] them from celebrating their happy day. The [multiply / multiple] brides and grooms attended a mass wedding ceremony in South Korea’s Unification Church on Friday, in [spate / spite] of the health scare from the coronavirus in neighbouring China. The couples [jettisoned / jetted] in from sixty countries around the world to [attend / attentive] their wedding. The newlyweds were joined by 24,000 guests; some [renewing / knowing] their marriage [wows / vows] and others watching friends and family tie the knot. The church seemed well prepared for such a large-scale event as staff handed out hand [sanitizer / sanitation] and surgical masks to all [attendees / attendances] . They also checked the temperature of the couples.

The Unification Church is [famously / famous] for holding the mass weddings. It was founded in 1954 by self-declared [messiah / missive] Sun Myung Moon. The communal weddings started in 1961 and have [been / seen] hundreds of thousands of couples walk down the [stall / aisle] . In many cases, the bride and [groomed / groom] had been matched and met for the first time at the ceremony. One newlywed spoke about marrying [amid / mid] the global spread of the coronavirus. He told the Reuters news agency: "I'm very happy to attend this [depth / deeply] blessed joint wedding. Since coronavirus is going [abound / around] these days, I wore a mask to be on the safe [side / edge] ." A 23-year-old bride from Benin said: "I didn't put on a mask because I wanted to be [beautiful / beautification] for my husband."

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