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Brazil sends security force to fight deforestation






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Brazil will use security forces to fight deforestation in the Amazon. Too many trees are being cut down in the world's largest rainforest. Deforestation could increase in 2020. The year has started badly for our environment. Deforestation in the Amazon doubled in January. Many areas of the Amazon produce more CO2 than oxygen. The Amazon is called "the lungs" of the planet. It plays a big role in helping the Earth's environment to change CO2 into oxygen.

The special security force will help track down and stop illegal loggers. There was a big increase in illegal logging in 2019. Police with military training will work with environmental agency officials. Regional governments also need to change. Some regional governments are selling land to developers. This is increasing the speed of deforestation. To make things worse, the governments are not replanting enough trees in the jungle.

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