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Everyone these days seems to want a [gleaming / gloomy] set of pearly white teeth. Having the perfect Hollywood [smiley / smile] has created the multi-billion-dollar global teeth-whitening industry. However, not [all / every] is shiny and bright [behind / beyond] this business. A new report from the BBC states that illegal teeth-whitening beauticians are putting their customers at [riskiness / risk] of serious health problems. These include burnt [gems / gums] and lips, [blisters / blister] and lost teeth. The BBC reports that the General Dental Council in the UK reported a 26 per cent increase in [compliance / complaints] last year from people who had suffered problems after teeth-whitening [proceeds / procedures] . In many cases, the people performing the teeth whitening were untrained and [unqualified / qualification] .

The teeth-whitening industry in the UK is regulated and the [practical / practice] can only be [performed / preformats] by professionals who have registered with the General Dental Council. The BBC carried [in / out] an undercover investigation, which [earthed / unearthed] "thousands" of ill-qualified teeth-whitening practitioners. Two BBC researchers [opened / went] undercover and paid nearly $400 each to [attend / tend] a teeth-whitening course at a London beauty college. The course lasted just five hours. The researchers received a [qualify / certificate] of attendance and were told they could earn $100 an hour to [threat / treat] customers. Anyone attending these courses and [setting / settling] up their own businesses would be doing so illegally and they could end up with a criminal [CD / record] .

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