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[Whatever / Whichever] will they think of next? A food manufacturer in Japan has invented a new product that seems [destiny / destined] to become a huge, global bestseller. The imaginative new [culinary / culmination] invention is sliced mayonnaise. Japanese food company Bourbon believes their [candy / handy] new [comestible / combustible] will catch on big time. The mayonnaise slices are called "mayo sheets" on the label [at / of] the product in Japan. The packaging describes the item as [been / being] a "sheet-like condiment" that is good for "easy cooking". The mayo slices (or sheets) [come / go] in two flavours – spicy cod roe (mentaiko in Japanese) and tuna. A spokesperson from the company hopes people will add its mayo slices to [livery / liven] up sandwiches or [enhance / entrance] the taste of pasta dishes.

The new product will start [sale / selling] soon in Japan for a price of $1.80 for a pack of four slices. While the company is [surely / sure] the mayo sheets will be very popular with consumers, especially [them / those] in Japan, the social media jury is [up / out] on whether the new item is a good idea. The cnet.com website wrote: "Both mayo fans and haters [chimed / banged] in on Twitter - [in / on] equal parts excitement and disgust - about the new slices." The Gizmodo.com website wrote: "[Slopping / Slapping] a slice of mayo on a plate of fresh pasta isn’t [exactly / exact] a serving suggestion Americans might embrace, but the next time you're making a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich in a [hurriedly / hurry] , you might actually be happy to reach for a [quick / quicken] slice."

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