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The words
The Microsoft airplane game Flight Simulator has been [downgraded / upgraded] to include every airport [on / in] the world. This means gamers will have a [choice / choose] of over 37,000 airports to take off from and land at. The upgrade has added over 13,000 new airports to the [passed / previous] version of the game, which [included / include] 24,000 airports. The game includes international [cubs / hubs] like New York's JFK and London Heathrow. It also includes tiny airports like rural, grassy landing [straps / strips] and runways that are in [the / a] middle of deserts or on the top of mountains. The 37,000 airports in Flight Simulator have been [annually / manually] designed to look like the real airports. Designers used satellite images and Bing Maps to do [this / these] .

The graphics are also [much / more] better in the latest [realise / release] of Flight Simulator. The designers put a lot of work [and / end] effort into increasing the level of detail you see. Gamers will see windsocks [blew / blowing] in the wind and service vehicles [driving / drove] around the roads next to the runways. The markings on the runways in the game are the same as those on the [really / real] runways. Lead game [design / designer] Sven Mestas said: "To reach a new level, we needed a new [flight / approach] . We decided to innovate by editing airports from real satellite pictures. This technique involves editing [whole / each] airport manually. This means we paid particular attention to detail to bring every airport a [step / stair] closer to reality."

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