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The words
The online retail [gigantic / giant] Amazon will start selling its cashier-less technology to any store or retail [outlet / inlet] that wants it. The software is called "Just Walk Out". The software [mean / means] stores do not need any cashiers. Shoppers simply [see / scan] a smartphone app when they arrive [at / to] a store and then put their shopping in [that / their] bag and... just walk out [of / off] the store. The software automatically [calculates / calculate] the cost of the customer's shopping and charges the cost of their shopping to the customer's Amazon account. The new software will allow customers to have their credit card or other payment card deducted [rather / instead] . Amazon has been using the software for the past two years in its [own / owner] Go Grocery stores.

The Just Walk Out software will [reduce / induce] the amount of employees a store needs. Instead, the store will need to put [hundred / hundreds] of small camera on the [sealing / ceiling] . The cameras link to software that [detection / detects] what customers have put into their bag. The software then [bails / bills] the customer and issues a receipt online. An industry [expat / expert] expects Amazon to [make / do] a lot of money from selling the software to other stores. Many stores want to [removal / remove] one of the biggest things customers complain about - slow checkouts. Amazon said the software will [allowed / allow] store staff, "to focus on more valuable activities". However, a retail expert worries that, "there will be [fewer / less] jobs as automation comes in".

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