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The [global / globally] spread of COVID-19 is playing havoc with sports events worldwide. After the WHO designated the coronavirus [was / as] a pandemic, many sports associations have taken [measure / measures] to curb the spread of the virus. Major sporting events are [being / been] suspended on a daily basis. European football is coming to a [still / standstill] as Spain's La Liga, Italy's Serie A and [another / other] major leagues have suspended games for the coming weeks. The Champions League could [have / be] suspended until next summer. In other sports, the [first / fast] grand prix of the Formula 1 season has been [cancelled / cancel] in Australia; and the National Hockey League and National Basketball League have been suspended until [further / farther] notice.

The biggest [concerned / concern] for sports fans is uncertainty over the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Japan's government has called for [reparations / preparations] to continue as scheduled. The [ministerial / minister] responsible for the Olympics and Paralympics said it was "inconceivable" they would be [cancel / cancelled] . However, a member of the organizing committee said it was "more realistic" to [postpone / postponement] the Games. U.S. President Donald Trump suggested Japan should [considerable / consider] postponing the Games. He said: "It's a [shame / sham] because they built some really beautiful buildings." Sport is already [being / been] hit in Japan. The nation's 15-day spring sumo tournament is being [held / holding] behind closed doors in Osaka and a national high school baseball tournament [was / has] been cancelled.

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