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The words
The end is coming for New York's [publicity / public] pay phones. New York City officials say workers are [currency / currently] removing all public pay phones from the city's [street / streets] . Pay phones used to be everywhere in the city - on every street corner and in every park and public [plaice / place] . Engineers have started the [removal / remove] work by taking away 30 pay phones from the Hell's Kitchen [arena / area] of the city. In the coming months, the remaining phones will [go / gone] . New York City spokesman Corey Johnson told the CNN news agency that: "The antiquated and [outdated / dating] pay phone booths take up much-needed [sidewalk / sideways] space. Removing these booths is a win for pedestrians who navigate these crowded [books / blocks] ."

Many New Yorkers probably won't even [entice / notice] the phones are going. Most younger people have never [useful / used] one. They may have to read the [instruction / instructions] to use a phone, and [scramble / crumble] for coins to feed it. Modern technology [means / meanings] the public phone is no longer needed. Over 95 per cent of Americans have a [mobility / mobile] phone. Mr Corey said New Yorkers no [length / longer] want the phones. He said: "My office has received [number / numerous] community complaints from local residents about these antiquated pay phones, which [present / gift] public safety and quality of life issues. Additionally, they take up sorely needed sidewalk space that could better [reserve / serve] people with disabilities and families with strollers."

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