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Conservationists have quiet [clause / cause] for celebration over a rise in the numbers of the African black rhino. The [numbers / numerals] of the animals in the wild have [arisen / risen] by several hundred. The rhinos had been [poached / parched] to a level of near extinction, but efforts to [protract / protect] them have [paid / spent] dividends. Black rhinos are still endangered and are at risk of extinction, but conservationists are [hoped / hopeful] their numbers will continue to [growth / grow] . The International Union for Conservation of Nature reported that there were 4,845 black rhinos in Africa in 2012. This number rose [at / to] around 5,630 in 2018, an increase of 2.5 per cent per year over the six years. The Union said the numbers [abode / bode] well for saving the species.

A lot of effort has been put into [sieving / saving] the black rhino. These include relocating the [beasts / beats] into areas less frequented by poachers, ensuring a better male-to-female [ration / ratio] to aid reproductive success, and stronger legislation to protect the [species / poachers] . The Union said: "The continued slow recovery is a [testing / testament] to the immense efforts made in the countries and a powerful [remainder / reminder] that conservation works." It added: "There is no [room / hall] for complacency as poaching and illegal trade remain [acute / cute] threats. It is essential that the ongoing anti-poaching [treasures / measures] and intensive, proactive population management continue, with support from national and international [singers / actors] ."

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