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Manga - the Japanese art of [comic / comical] books - has greatly risen in popularity worldwide in the past few [decadence / decades] . The art form can trace its roots back [nearby / nearly] 1,000 years in Japan but it is only [on / in] recent times that it has taken off globally. Manga is now as synonymous with Japan as sushi, geisha and Mt Fuji. Such [be / is] the popularity of manga outside Japan, an exhibition of manga works [proved / proven] to be the most popular show at the British Museum in 2019. It [attracted / attraction] more visitors than a [show / shower] on the Dutch painter Rembrandt. The manga exhibition was the [largest / largesse] display of manga material ever assembled outside Japan. Around 1,920 people paid to see it every day, according [to / of] the museum.

The manga exhibition [showered / showcased] the 900-year history of the art. It included the earliest forms of manga [at / by] master painters to sketches and illustrations of today's [populated / popular] anime and video game characters such as Pokemon. There were also exhibits from [animate / animated] films known as "anime". The show included 70 manga [serious / series] , including Osamu Tezuka's seminal work "Astro Boy". Hartwig Fischer, [director / direction] of the British Museum, said: "Manga is the modern [graphic / graph] art of storytelling first perfected in Japan and is now [loving / loved] all over the world. Building on Japan's centuries-old tradition, the best manga have the [visually / visual] power to excite us and draw us into their world, with inventive storylines that engage our [emotional / emotions] ."

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