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The words
Many of us have an [opinionated / opinion] on what was the best year for music. Some people say it was 1824. This is when the [composer / composition] Ludwig van Beethoven first [preformed / performed] his Symphony No. 9. Other people say the best year was 1969 because of [hit / hitting] songs by The Beatles, David Bowie and Elvis Presley. The UK radio station Radio X [recently / recent] conducted a survey and found the best year for music was 1991. This is [because / although] of the success of bands [like / similar] the Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M., Stone Roses and Nirvana. The reason for 1991 being the Radio X survey's best year for music could [being / be] the average age of the [listeners / listener] of the station. Many of the listeners were teenagers in 1991 and have great memories of [then / that] year.

A [psychology / psychologist] believes people [trend / tend] to stick to the songs they heard when they were teenagers. Dr Catherine Loveday told the BBC why we like songs we first heard in our [teen / teens] throughout our life. She said: "It is [during / between] these developmental years that we make many crucial life-changing [decision / decisions] . We start significant long-term relationships and establish the cultural and political [believes / beliefs] which form our identity." She added that: "Music has an intrinsic [capable / capacity] to regulate emotions [so] these songs [natural / naturally] become embedded in our important memories, both positive and negative." She said: "People in [them / their] 80s and 90s show a better memory for things that they first experienced between the [aged / ages] of 10 and 30."

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