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discover find be show be think become show use mean
find live uncover observe find be make know have use
Archaeologists have the oldest piece of string ever . The archaeologists are very happy about their find. The first reason they are happy that the string they found is around 50,000 years old. The second reason is that the string that Neanderthals more intelligent than we previously they were. Neanderthals were an early species of humans that extinct about 35,000 years ago. The string that Neanderthals had a good understanding of plants and textiles. The archaeologists say Neanderthals may have the string to make clothes, bags, rope, mats and other things. This they were probably as intelligent as modern humans.

The piece of string that the archaeologists was tiny but it reveals a lot about how people 50,000 years ago. Dr Marie-Helene Moncel, director of research at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, said: "We were able to details about the fibres and we that they're different, twisted fibres. It is not possible to these kinds of fibres in nature." She added: "In my opinion, different things can related to this discovery. Obviously, the ability of Neanderthals to cord, but also their huge knowledge about trees. They about vegetation, plants and trees, and the intelligence to different parts of the environment."

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